I’m looking for an economic fertilizer for general trees, hedges, and ground covers that will not harm but help the soil “live”.   Any suggestions?


To answer your question, you could consider using compost and organic mulch for an economic approach to giving your trees, hedges and ground covers the nutrients and conditions they need while supporting the soil to “live”.  

Organic mulch improves soil absorption, retention, and drainage while also providing beneficial nutrients creating conditions for improved plant health and growth. It can also add a nice visual touch to the landscaping. One option for purchasing mulch is Maui Eko Systems in Central Maui (808)-572-8844. 

Here is additional information about mulching your landscape: 

Compost contains many of the nutrient’s plants require and is another way to improve plant health. It helps to loosen the soil so that water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and minerals are more available to the plants. Like mulch, it improves water conservation by helping the soil retain it. You can either purchase compost or do your own composting. One of the best options for purchasing compost on Maui is Kihei Compost. http://kiheicompost.com

Here is additional information about compost/composting:


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