Ground Cover resistant to Axis Deer *

I am looking for plant recommendations for low ground cover on a slope that is resistant to Axis Deer. I’m at ~1900 ft in full sun. Ideally, I’d like plants that can help with erosion control.


The deer really have become challenging. In researching the literature, we were not able to find a simple answer to your question. Unfortunately, there is minimal reference to deer resistance of ground covers.

To help in your quest, here are a few thoughts, suggestions and references:

  1. In our experience, highly pungent smelling and/or waxy leaved plants tend to be ignored by deer. (As we know, there is no plant that is 100% deer proof).
  2. If you are interested in native plants, here is a link to a CTAHR article that includes ground covers – https://www.ctahr.hawaii.edNative Hawaiian Plantsu/oc/freepubs/pdf/of-30.pdf
  3. one potential native plant source – (they may also have good deer resistance knowledge)
  4. One example of a non-native plant that fits the easy-to-grow, pungent criteria is ‘Cuban oregano’ (it also has a lot of other common names) – Cuban Oregano


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