i am currently interested in information on ideal starting methods for
lilikoi seeds, as well as preferred planting information such as
soil conditions, sun exposure, organic feeding and pest control.


You can quickly start liliko’i vines from seeds or cuttings.

  • Seeds can be planted directly in the ground. They will germinate within 7–10 days.
  • Cuttings can be dipped in rooting hormone powder then planted in containers filled with potting soil. Most cuttings will root in about two weeks.

These vines prefer well-drained soil and a sunny location.

Liliko’i flowers are stunningly beautiful and possess a heady, intoxicating perfume. The flowers attract carpenter bees and nocturnal moths for pollination.

Liliko’i is incredibly fast-growing and will take hold of any nearby plants or objects—rooftops, garden sheds, cars, pets, children, etc.—with its long, tenacious tendrils! The prolific vines have been known to smother an entire tree and eventually kill it by cutting off sunlight and rainwater!

To avoid the nightmarish problem of an overgrown liliko’i, plant it in an isolated location in your garden and provide a trellis or lattice for it to climb on. It can be trained to make an excellent privacy hedge (e.g., to block out your neighbor’s messy yard) or an impenetrable green “fence” around your property.

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